Canton Fair   

China Import & Export Fair

Guangzhou, China


Commercial and trade services for factories, trading companies, exporters, importers and agencies in order to develop businesses and entrepreneurship globally.   

Working with the right suppliers for your products and projects, OEM and customized production and services.

Many services are done on daily basis: researches, follow-ups, , negotiation, paperwork, inspection and other services by local staff both in Brazil and China.


​Build and develop your own brand with experienced professionals.

​Experiences in wholesale, distribution, industries, manufacturers since 1998, the next step could not be different, in 2006 I established a company focused on services in Manhuaçu, Minas Gerais, Brazil. In 2010, DeGraize Office starts to extend its operation basis through the seven seas hand in hand with the best team and partners.

​Andre Graize

​International Trader/Entrepreneur

"China Commodity City was honored by the UN, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley amongst other world authorities in 2005 as the "largest small commodity wholesale market in the world". China Commodity" - Wikipedia

living and sharing the importance of trade

Building Materials Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil
DeGraize provides domestic transportation and logistics in both China and Brazil through roads, railways, airports, rivers and sea, cabotagem. Security for the goods and the operation, loading and unloading, insurance and tracking.

The follow-up guarantees that every step is taken with confidence leading all the processes to success.
​Covering all the supply chain processes, from research to shipment, following all the routines, checking task-lists closely and report on regular basis as required.


It's not a company, it's @ life!

"The success doesn't come from yesterday and ends tomorrow." - Andre Graize


The best support for business trips in China and Brazil. A great experience before the trip starts by understand from general to specific needs and provide what is expected. 

Professionals are prepared to provide the best support.

What's your next business trip?

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Event schedule:

Tur 12 Apr: 11 a.m - 8 p.m
Wed 13 Apr: 11 a.m - 8 p.m
Thu 14 Apr: 11 a.m - 8 p.m
Fri 15 Apr: 11 a.m - 8 p.m
Sat 16 Apr: 09 a.m - 5 p.m

Business trip focused on business.          FEICON in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it's the biggest event of the sector in Latin America. For further information:


DeGraize Office Brazil

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  • Factories;
  • Trading Companies;
    • Importers & Exporters; 
    • Wholesalers, Retailers
    • Coffee & Commodities COs, Farmers, traders,... 
  • International agents;   
  • Start-ups;
  • Investors;
  • ​Business Brokers
ID: andregraize
The Vision comes from the own world we live in, where we can travel through the time to all kind of places, future and past, different areas, countries, societies. Exchanging and sharing the diversity of the same world create opportunity to succeed in business and in life for everyone.

The Mission is explore the opportunities and help businesses to create a positive and global environment for economic development and its benefits to the people, communities and society. 

​Andre Graize
​International Entrepreneur
Inspection follows the requirements, specifications, instructions and other details required by the customer. Regular reports of the processes' status. Pictures are sent to the customers on a regular basis as required and samples are frequently exchanged for checking.

Education and guidance in order to lead economic development.

business trip

Enjoy the most of exhibitions in Brazil and China. With experience and a great background uniting right partners to do business together. All the staff are monitored to be not only a interpreter but an arm to get what you are seeking in Guangzhou, Xiamen and Shanghai, China and in Brazil, either in Sao Paulo and many other commercial and trade centers.


Supporting your business around the World.

Union Source

​Currencies - Reuters

FEICON - Construction Fair

         Sao Paulo, Brazil

  1. Building materials;
  2. House & Kitchen Wares;
  3. LED Lamps, Solar & LED panels;
  4. Stage Lights;
  5. Agricultural Machinery Parts;
  6. organic & Special Coffee from the mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Canton Fair, Guangzhou, China.

Union Source - YiWu, China

Trading & Logistic Company


Connecting markets and seeking good practices for economic development.

International trade & Business Development are the reason of our existence. .

Our Brazilian website communicate with Brazilian people, clients, customers, entrepreneurs as we need to last forever in business, life and partnership.

Support for your business in Brazil:


YiWu Fair - China

Futian Market - YiWu International Trade Fair, China.

​​DeGraize Office
International Trade - Business, Economic & Social Development


Send your inquiry to the best research staff in Brazil and China, there are specialized professionals endowed with market experience to meet your expectation and requirements.

Send your inquiry with all details to

You will be contacted ASAP.


Phase I
Apr. /Oct.14-15, 8:30-20:00
Apr. /Oct. 16-17, 8:30-18:00
Phase II
Apr. /Oct.22-23, 8:30-18:00
Apr. /Oct.24, 8:30-18:00
Phase III
Apr. 30-May 1, 8:30-18:00; May 2, 8:30-14:00
Oct. 30-31, 8:30-18:00; Nov.1, 8:30-14:00

Business trip focused on business.

Guangzhou to attend Canton Fair and others, either in China and Brazil.

Oct. 21st - 24th 8:30 - 17:00/ Oct.25th 8:30 - 14:00

Support for your business trip to Yiwu to attend Yiwu International Trade Fair and others in China. 

All arrangements related to shipment: quotation, booking, all documents needed, Bill of Lading and Air Waybill. Containers are checked and tracked carefully, photos are taking before loading to avoid waste. 
​For quotation:
​Get it from many sources at once.


Economic & Social  development​​

Internationalization of 500 Brazilian companies by 2020. Let's work?